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Italian band formed in 1999, from the ashes of VITRIOLA and HURLYBURLY, both gigging around in north-eastern Italy, Slovenia, etc./the new start as a double guitar/no bass trio, with a very loud and hypnotic wall-of-sound, developing from the original noise-rock influences into more open structures, experimenting with improvisation, to get eventually back into a straightforward song format./after a long live training (opening for Bobby Conn and U.S. Maple among the others) and a few d.i.y. recordings, the first full length album “BETTER DAYS” (2008), produced by Teho Teardo (Meathead, Matera, Here, Operator, Modern Institute, La Monte…).
At the same time “VV.AA.reworkingSTAYER”, a project involving artists from all over Italy and Europe, resulted in a fallout within each contributor’s work.
Nowadays, a new bunch of songs just released: “DIRTY E.P.” out in april 2012; more stuff yet to come!

XOX Cape Canaveral Soubrette Live
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